Pool News


Sept 10, 2019 - 5 steps to where we are not on the path to a Parry Sound Area Pool

Sept 9, 2019 - Carling deviates from Parry Sound pool plan to push project forward

April 4th, 2019 - Parry Sound pool committee chair buoyed by 'little bursts of light"

March 30th, 2019 - Talk of a pool complex in Parry Sound continues

March 25, 2019 - YMCA presentation to Pool Recreational Complex

Dec 18, 2018 A Parry Sound area pool still on the table after election

March 9th, 2018: Shawanaga Chief looks to future possibilities as First Nation Council joins regional pool committee

March 4th, 2018: Shawanaga joins discussion for a Parry Sound regional pool

Feb 27th, 2018: All 7 Parry Sound area townships agree to discuss a pool

Feb 21, 2018:Whitestone says yes to pool advisory committee

Feb 20, 2018: Whitestone remains as the Archipelago says yes to pool committee

Feb 16, 2018: Archipelago agrees to sit at the table of pool committee

Feb 14, 2018: The Archipelago Town Council set to vote on resolution regarding pool committee

Feb 13, 2018: Carling dusts off existing resolution to take seat on pool committee

Feb 12, 2018: Carling and The Archipelago next stops for the Ad Hoc Pool Committee

Feb 8: 2018: McDougall joins other Parry Sound Area municipalities on the pool advisory committee

Feb 7, 2018: Seguin appoints mayor to Parry Sound region pool investigation

Feb 7, 2018: Parry Sound Mayor Jamie McGarvey to sit on pool advisory committee

Feb 7, 2018: Municipality of Whitestone leaves door open to participating on pool advisory committee

Feb 5, 2018: McKellar and Seguin Townships each appoint a member of council to pool advisory committee

Feb 4, 2018: Near North District School Board and the YMCA express their interest in Parry Sound pool

Feb 1, 2018: Wellness and Pool Complex Committee to begin deputations before area town councils on Monday

Jan 30, 2018: Five things to know about the ongoing Parry Sound pool complex issue

Jan 30, 2018: McKellar Town Council to revisit pool complex/recreation centre issue at its next meeting

Jan 29, 2018 :Parry Sound area townships oppose pool referendum, support facility

Jan 23, 2018: McKellar Town Council rejects adding pool question to 2018 ballot

Jan 22, 2018: Near North District School Board sends letters to Councils

Jan 22, 2018: McDougall supports investigating regional pool complex

Jan 19, 2018: Ad-Hoc Wellness and Pool Recreational Committee Takes Campaign to Local Councils

Jan 19, 2018: McDougall Council in favour of consultations for a recreational pool complex

Jan 2018: Voting on a pool

Jan 2018: Can a Parry Sound pool inquiry be on election ballot?

Jan 2018: Fundraising on the horizon for Parry Sound splash pad

Dec 2017: Letter: Parry Sound council should explore pool options

Nov 2017: OPINION: A pool is needed now in Parry Sound

Nov 2017: Parry Sound needs a public pool, argues parent, swim instructor

April 2017: Version of Parry Sound mega school plan includes pool, daycare

Nov 2015: Want a pool? Time to focus on the school

August 2015: Seguin supports recreation centre advisory committee

June 2015: Seguin council supports area pool and recreation complex in new school

April 2014: Pool would help doctor recruitment, council told

August 2012: Townships, please plan for a pool

April 2009: Recreation complex committee upset by recent municipal decision

April 2009: No to a public pool

August 2008: Funding formula is next step as three councils work together to improve local recreation opportunities

Feb 2008: Pushing for a swimming pool

Nov 2006: Area mayors to study pool feasibility