Pool News


Jan 16, 2021 Carling Township ratepayers raise concerns over proposed recreation centre costs and revenue projections

Dec 20, 2020 - Whitestone ratepayers divided on West Parry Sound Wellness Centre and Pool project

Dec 16, 2020, Parry Sound Council unanimously approves pool committee recommendations – Seguin Council up next tonight

Oct 23, 2020, Pool committee approves YMCA site for the proposed West Parry Sound Recreation and Culture Centre

Sept 16, 2020, Six-lane ‘competition-compatible’ recreation pool among recommendations for proposed Parry Sound area recreation centre 

Wellness Centre Pool Committee meetings

July 1st, 2020 - Citizen's Survey for Wellness Centre and Pool Programs and services 

Nov 27, 2019 Grant application is in for West Parry Sound Area Recreation and Culture Centre

Nov 22, 2019 - Grant application submitted for proposed $32 million Parry Sound area recreation centre


October 2019 - Wellness Centre & Pool Committee: The Wellness Centre & Pool Committee (WCPC), is composed of an appointed Mayor or Council member from each of the seven Parry Sound area municipalities. From the WCPC Terms of Reference, the Committee has a mandate to "gather information, undertake studies and conduct other analysis, sufficient for the Committee to make a 'Go, No-Go' recommendation to the respective participating Councils to proceed with the construction of the Wellness Centre & Pool."

Per the decision-making governance structure, the WCPC makes recommendations for adoption by each member municipality. The WCPC is supported by a Steering Committee composed of the seven area municipal Chief Administrative Officers. A Citizens Advisory Committee, composed of nine members of the public bringing different skills sets and expertise, reports to the Steering Committee. The firm CS&P Architects were the successful bidders on an RFP and as of early October, 2019 are undertaking due diligence work regarding site selection, understanding what the community’s needs are, capital costs based on those needs and the location, servicing costs and a business plan to address operating costs once it is built. The seven area municipalities agreed on a cost sharing formula to undertake the due diligence work.
The WCPC meetings are open to the public, are live streamed and recorded.
To see a playlist of all recorded WCPC meetings on YouTube, click here.


Oct. 16th, 2019 - Parry Sound Area Pool - "Collective process all the way" town CAO

Oct. 10th, 2019 - Carling mayor says 'Parry Sound and area, it's dead,' amid continued pool issues

Oct 10, 2019 - Affordable seniors housing at Parry Sound Wellness centre now on the table

Sept 10, 2019 - 5 steps to where we are not on the path to a Parry Sound Area Pool

Sept 9, 2019 - Carling deviates from Parry Sound pool plan to push project forward

April 4th, 2019 - Parry Sound pool committee chair buoyed by 'little bursts of light"

March 30th, 2019 - Talk of a pool complex in Parry Sound continues

March 25, 2019 - YMCA presentation to Pool Recreational Complex

Dec 18, 2018 A Parry Sound area pool still on the table after election

March 9th, 2018: Shawanaga Chief looks to future possibilities as First Nation Council joins regional pool committee

March 4th, 2018: Shawanaga joins discussion for a Parry Sound regional pool

Feb 27th, 2018: All 7 Parry Sound area townships agree to discuss a pool

Feb 21, 2018:Whitestone says yes to pool advisory committee

Feb 20, 2018: Whitestone remains as the Archipelago says yes to pool committee

Feb 16, 2018: Archipelago agrees to sit at the table of pool committee

Feb 14, 2018: The Archipelago Town Council set to vote on resolution regarding pool committee

Feb 13, 2018: Carling dusts off existing resolution to take seat on pool committee

Feb 12, 2018: Carling and The Archipelago next stops for the Ad Hoc Pool Committee

Feb 8: 2018: McDougall joins other Parry Sound Area municipalities on the pool advisory committee

Feb 7, 2018: Seguin appoints mayor to Parry Sound region pool investigation

Feb 7, 2018: Parry Sound Mayor Jamie McGarvey to sit on pool advisory committee

Feb 7, 2018: Municipality of Whitestone leaves door open to participating on pool advisory committee

Feb 5, 2018: McKellar and Seguin Townships each appoint a member of council to pool advisory committee

Feb 4, 2018: Near North District School Board and the YMCA express their interest in Parry Sound pool

Feb 1, 2018: Wellness and Pool Complex Committee to begin deputations before area town councils on Monday

Jan 30, 2018: Five things to know about the ongoing Parry Sound pool complex issue

Jan 30, 2018: McKellar Town Council to revisit pool complex/recreation centre issue at its next meeting

Jan 29, 2018 :Parry Sound area townships oppose pool referendum, support facility

Jan 23, 2018: McKellar Town Council rejects adding pool question to 2018 ballot

Jan 22, 2018: Near North District School Board sends letters to Councils

Jan 22, 2018: McDougall supports investigating regional pool complex

Jan 19, 2018: Ad-Hoc Wellness and Pool Recreational Committee Takes Campaign to Local Councils

Jan 19, 2018: McDougall Council in favour of consultations for a recreational pool complex

Jan 2018: Voting on a pool

Jan 2018: Can a Parry Sound pool inquiry be on election ballot?

Jan 2018: Fundraising on the horizon for Parry Sound splash pad

Dec 2017: Letter: Parry Sound council should explore pool options

Nov 2017: OPINION: A pool is needed now in Parry Sound

Nov 2017: Parry Sound needs a public pool, argues parent, swim instructor

April 2017: Version of Parry Sound mega school plan includes pool, daycare

Nov 2015: Want a pool? Time to focus on the school

August 2015: Seguin supports recreation centre advisory committee

June 2015: Seguin council supports area pool and recreation complex in new school

April 2014: Pool would help doctor recruitment, council told

August 2012: Townships, please plan for a pool

April 2009: Recreation complex committee upset by recent municipal decision

April 2009: No to a public pool

August 2008: Funding formula is next step as three councils work together to improve local recreation opportunities

Feb 2008: Pushing for a swimming pool

Nov 2006: Area mayors to study pool feasibility