Imagine…..a recreation complex….available to all residents in the Parry Sound Area.

There is vision to design, build, and enjoy a recreational complex in Parry Sound. The Parry Sound Recreation Complex would be a world-class facility and be the “social heart” of the community. The complex would enhance the quality of life for the area and serve as an attraction for continued community expansion and development. The Parry Sound

Recreation Complex would provide comprehensive recreational programming. Benefits include:

  1. Building strong families and connecting communities
  2. Promoting personal health/wellness
  3. Enhancing a balanced human development
  4. Reducing self-destructive and anti-social behavior
  5. Reducing health care, social service and police/justice costs
  6. Creating economic generators in the community

The Vision:

To create a unique complex/facility which meets the needs and interests of all West Parry Sound communities and encourages healthy lifestyles, social interactions, and physical well being through education, recreation, wellness, and athletic activities.

Send an email to poolcomplexinps@gmail.com or contact us here: